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For gentlemen and women with refined taste and for those who wish to treat themselves we proudly present Cocktail Chaperones.

Cocktail Chaperones is a pioneering take on incorporating our Male models into our chaperoning division giving you complete confidence that all images our real and had the opportunity to meet them before you book. Before any male is allowed to chaperone for us they will face criminal record checks and will be required to adhere to our code of conduct.

Cocktail Chaperones will for any occasion be your ideal companion potentially working from a pre-discussed story they can be your new passing fancy your current boyfriend or partner or to helping you feel more socially comfortable in what ever environment. With Cocktail Chaperones we understand that for some of our customers who may want to book a chaperone but are without an occasion, allow us to tailor you an unforgettable day together.

Whether it's dinner than the theatre a day exploring the sights and sounds of the city finished off with an unforgettable dinner together. To even jetting off abroad we can arrange can create your perfect scenario.

Prices start at £85 per hour

Travel and overnight accommodation for the chaperone are additional negotiable fees

So call our receptionists today to find out more as we work together to make an moment built around you.

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As we constantly strive to build cocktail massage, we rely on feedback from both are masseurs and customers looking at our website. If there is any feedback or question you like to provide us with please contact us by the below means.

By phone 07927 500238
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