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About Cocktail Massage

Cocktail Massage is fast becoming and iconic service provider within the fast paced sex industry.

Cocktail Massage is owned and operated by two friends from two completely different sides of the sex industry brought together with there raw ambition to offer something unique into a very tried and tested market place.

Collectively they're very different dispositions make these unique individuals a inspirational team

Cocktail massage prolifically from it's conception has always being to lead not follow and ask what the customer wants and construct Cocktail Massage around those requirements.

In doing so this has reflected the owners passion in exceeding expectations and achieving excellence in everything Cocktail Massage does.

As a luxury service business Cocktail Massage understands that customers will expect business operations to be carried out in a responsible, transparent and ethical manner which is why we are working to deploy our Impact Program to look at constant improvements to the Workplace for models and customers,

  • Market Place; looking at how to bring grater transparency and rase standards constantly
  • Environment; how we can reduce our impact and stay efficient.
  • Community, how can Cocktail Massage work with relevant charities.

Welcome To Our Helpdesk

As we constantly strive to build cocktail massage, we rely on feedback from both are masseurs and customers looking at our website. If there is any feedback or question you like to provide us with please contact us by the below means.

By phone 07927 500238
Office hours from 9am - 6pm (UK time)

By email

We aim to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours